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We are Texas Rising Star and our Curriculum is based on them and the
Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies

All center based and home based child care providers in Texas can be certified in Texas Rising Star if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Programs that participate in Texas Rising Star meet higher quality standards than many other child care programs.

Connect teachers, children, and families to engaging learning experiences, informative data, and stronger partnerships.




6 Weeks - 17 Months

Pre Toddler

18 – 23 months


2 years old

Early Preschool

3 years old


4 - 5 years old

After School

5 years old

Our Meals


Children are provided breakfast (7:00 - 8:15), lunch (11:00 -12:N) and snack (2:30 - 3:30pm) if the child is present during those time periods. If your child is on a restricted diet, parent will be responsible for providing meals. We do our best to accommodate storing foods that need to be refrigerated but in the event our fridge is full, please provide the means to keep your child’s lunch at proper temperature while stored. Children who bring lunch will still have milk, fresh fruit and vegetables available. We keep all liquids and food hotter than 110 degrees out of reach of children. All teachers are educated on food allergies and take precautions to ensure children are protected.  


Any food that is brought into the program to be shared among children must be commercially prepared or prepared in a kitchen that is inspected by local health officials. A healthy breakfast, lunch and snack (as listed by TDA) is provided for all the children in our care. During the school year our school age children are served an after-school lunch and snack. Each meal served is portion controlled based on the age group as suggested by the FP Assistance Food Program. A three-week menu is always posted on bulletin board in the hallway to the lunch room. If unhealthy lunch is brought in, we will suggest a healthy meal as an alternative to the parents.

Our Schedule

We offer a daily schedule in each classroom that consists of active/inactive activities and outdoor play morning and afternoon

Picked-Up and Drop-Off

We have room in our vans for after-school pick-up from Freeman, Garfield, Teague and Yes Prep. We offer an after-school lunch, large outside playground, homework assistance and late snack! Come by for a tour and to secure your spot today!